Tuesday, November 29, 2005

New Car from NCF Motors.

It can't exist. Google can't find it.

A new car apears to have sneeked in from NCF Motors.

Very much along the same lines as the last two cars, The Blitz 4x4 and the Traka, the Outback is a Suzuki Vitara based frameset that is fitted to the original Chassis and running gear.

Ever since the Blitz 4x4 was first released I have had plans to build one. Space and time have been my biggest problems over the last 2 years but this hasn't stopped the ocasional plotting.

The Blitz 4x4 is a small car with a cheap reliable donor. My only dislike is that the donor SJ uses leaf sprung suspension.

The Traka on the other hand does not. The coil sprung Traka, with its Range Rover chassis never fails to impress on the suspension front. But the downsize of the donor is it size, and with a wealth of aftermarket parts available but at Land Rover prices.

Both donor cars have their followings. Rover entusiasts are one breed and Zuki enthusiasts another. This new motor bridges a specification gap between to 2. Slightly bigger than the Blitz 4x4, smaller than the Traka. A bigger engine than the SJ, and a much smaller one than the Traka's V8 rover offering. And best of all Coil suspension.

I hope that Zuki fans will rejoice at the release of this new motor and that Rover fans will not protest too much when over taken in the mud ;-)


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